The IRS has identified taxpayers who fail to file income tax returns and effectively stop paying income tax as a serious threat to tax administration and the American economy.  The IRS’s role in combating the area of non-filing is that of outreach, education, and enforcement of the tax laws.

However, it is understood that there are those who will not respond to outreach efforts and simply refuse to comply with the law.  The IRS Criminal Investigation devotes its investigative resources to those individuals. In the most egregious cases, criminal prosecution is recommended to the United States Attorney’s office.

To avoid criminal charges and possibly added civil charges, it is important to file your tax return even if it is late or you cannot pay the taxes owed.

The tax professionals at BAYSHORE CPA’S, P.A. in Mooresville, NC will assist you in organizing your tax documents and getting you back in compliance with the tax law.  Our tax professionals are experienced in working with the IRS in such cases to minimize your penalties. It is a complicated process and a matter you should not attempt without professional representation. Bayshore CPA’s has the expertise and knowledge of tax laws to be an advocate for you.

It is also worth noting here that many taxpayers have made their situations worse by falling for schemes that offer instant wealth or exemption from your obligation as a United States citizen to pay taxes. Buying into a tax evasion scheme can be very costly. Be wary. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

Do not be one of the approximately 3000 criminal prosecutions carried out by the IRS each year. If you are ready to settle up with the IRS and start over with a clean tax slate:

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